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Bicycle Corporation publish their tracklist for 'Roots' 173.

Italian production duo Bicycle Corporations logo featuring a bicycle in their logo in front of planet earth, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has announced its playlist for their 'Roots' episode 173. Scientific Sound Asia is an Asian electronic music station serving the region and globally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of the DJ and Producer Marco MEI plus the talented Stefano Ugliano with the moniker 6884. Currently, the Italian duo have released over 50 tracks and remixes across many genres including Deep House, Tech House, French House, Melodic and Techno.

In the early nineties, Marco was starting on his musical journey as a DJ and producer at events at home. After a while, he began doing his own events with his cohorts known as 'Urban People' across the whole of Italy.

This earned him a good name as a disc jockey and he gained a residency at the global club brand Pacha, in Daar es Salaam, Egypt. His residency and his reputation to get the party moving gained him DJ bookings internationally and launched him on a musical mission globally.

Born and brought up in Torino, Italy, Stefano in his childhood displayed a wealth of abilities with music. He studied with passion classical piano, percussion, and drums, he loved his Chopins and West African Djembe.

However, that figure of the disc jockey rearing the crowd proved more and more enchanting for the teenage Stefano. He wondered if those very electronic beats, so hard to find on ‘90s Italian radio stations, would open an entirely new chapter in his life, and then Bicycle Corporation evolved.

Despite their global recognition, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their roots as teenagers new to electronic music. Just recently they’ve been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute them.

This week's show is a nice mix of Afrobeat, Electronica, Funk, Rare Groove, and Brasilia. Listen live on Sunday 9th of July 2023 from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Thursday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

Bicycle Corporation 'Roots' episode 173, 9th of July 2023.

DJ Rubens & Bart Gori - Dance, Dance, Dance

Earth Wind & Fire - Kalimba Tree

Brooklyn Dreams - Street Man

Dom Um Romão - Amor En Jacuma

Elkin & Nelson - Jibaro

Johnson Products - Johnson Jumpin'

Marta Acuna - Dance, Dance, Dance

People's Choice - Movin'in All Directions

Johnny Hammond - Fantasy

Mother's Finest - Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way

Liquid Liquid - Optimo

Airto Moreira - Batucada

Airto Moreira - Toque De Cuica

Vangelis - Heaven And Hell

Guru Guru - Taoma

Guem - Riacho (Part 1 & 2)

Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges - Tudo Que Você Podia Ser

Airto Moreira - Andei (I Walked)

Asphalt Jungle - Freakin' Time

Erotic Drum Band - Jerky Rhythm

Irakere - Chekeré Son

Kool And The Gang - Open Sesame

Sam - Jam Dance And Chant

Taana Gardner - Work That Body (Larry Levan Mix)

Marlena Shaw - Touch Me In The Morning

Listen Here.

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