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Bicycle Corporation publish the tracklist for 'Foundations' 82.

Italian production duo Bicycle Corporation standing at the end of a walkway at night, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has unveiled the playlist for their upcoming Foundations episode 82, set to air this Friday. Scientific Sound Asia stands as a leading Asian electronic music station and DJ agency, catering to audiences both regionally and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation comprises the Italian duo of DJ and producers, Marco Mei and Stefano Ugliano, who is more commonly known as 6884. Over the years, they have amassed a catalogue of over 50 tracks spanning various genres, including French House, Deep House, Tech House, and Techno.

Marco initiated his career in the early nineties, initially working as part of the crew for House Music and Techno events such as 'Urban People.' Over time, he garnered increasing recognition within the music scene, gradually becoming a sought-after figure across Italy. However, Marco's success transcended national borders as he began to receive international bookings, further solidifying his reputation on a global scale.

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Stefano exhibited promise as a budding musician from a young age. His keen interest in the musical arts quickly became the focal point of his spare time. Stefano delved into the realms of classical piano, percussion, and drums, honing his skills and expanding his musical horizons. Additionally, he developed a deep appreciation for the works of Chopin and the rhythmic intricacies of the West African Djembe.

Despite Stefano's deep passion for various genres of music, there was one aspect that captivated him like no other: the art of DJing. As a teenager, Stefano found himself drawn to the allure of the DJ spinning the decks, with his captivating beats that were rarely heard on Italian radio stations at the time.

For many, the prospect of creating such sounds let alone performing them before large crowds, would seem like an unattainable dream. However, Stefano remained undeterred. Fueled by his vision and unwavering determination, he embarked on a journey to turn his dreams into reality. With relentless hard work, dedication, and sheer tenacity, Stefano, along with Marco, brought Bicycle Corporation to fruition, marking the beginning of a remarkable musical journey.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefano have not lost sight of their humble beginnings. Recently, they have revisited some of their earlier tracks, reflecting on the journey that brought them to where they are today. Additionally, they have taken the initiative to establish a Bandcamp page to distribute these tracks, showcasing their appreciation for their roots and their commitment to sharing their music with their audience.

This radio show presents their latest Indie Dance, Electronica, and Melodic Techno favorites. Originally aired on Friday, September 29th, 2023, you can listen to it using the Mixcloud player provided below.

'Foundations' episode 82.

Jamek Ortega, Maxi Meraki, Samm (BE) - Don't Care Anymore [MoBlack Records]

Copyright Feat. Shovell - Kama Yeah (Samm (BE), Maxi Meraki & Marlin Remix) [Get Physical]

Atsou, Umami & Djupa Hav - Never Wanted To Be [Madorasindahouse]

Jonathan Kaspar - In My Head [Innervisions]

Tal Fussman - Bridging The Gap [Innervisions]

Come Closer - Wonderful (Matthias Meyer Remix) [Strangely Enough]

Tal Fussman - Memo [Innervisions]

Laherte - Brake [DYNAMIC]

Laherte - Gate [DYNAMIC]

Tal Fussman - Wanna Hear Ya [Innervisions]

Tal Fussman - Children Of 95 [Innervisions]

Kevin de Vries & Mau P - Metro [Afterlife]

Anyma & Rebuke - Syren [Afterlife]

Marc Romboy - Intelligence (Toto Chiavetta Remix) [Awesome Soundwave]

Skatman - Oldskool [DYNAMIC]

Matara - Put My Back In It Feat. Robert Owens [BAU_HAUS]

Madonna - Frozen (Paul Losev Bootleg)

Trance Wax - Rhythm Of The Night [Armada]

Silicodisco & Alex Aguayo - Presente Ausente [Melopee Records]

Catz ’n Dogz - Hot Mess [PETS]

Tiga & Kölsch - Hand In Hand (Rebūke Remix) [Turbo Recordings]

Raxon - The Cage Of Love [Ellum]

Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) [Lone Romantic]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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