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Bicycle Corporation guests We Are Neurotic for 'Foundations' 94.

Indonesian band We are Neurotic standing side by side looking at camera, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation has revealed that the Indonesian trio, We Are Neurotic, will be the featured guests on their forthcoming Foundations episode 94 radio show. As both an electronic music station and a DJ agency, Scientific Sound Asia serves as a vibrant hub for audiences spanning the local and international landscape throughout the Asian region.

Bicycle Corporation embodies an exciting collaboration between Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei and the talented Stefano Ugliano, also recognized as 6884. Marco Mei's musical odyssey commenced in the early 1990s when he ventured into the realms of DJing and music production.

After his initial introduction to the music scene, Marco Mei ventured into organizing House Music and Techno events under the banner of 'Urban People' throughout Italy. These events swiftly garnered popularity and success, propelling Marco into the forefront of the Italian music scene as a prominent figure.

After a decade of leaving his mark on the Italian music scene, Marco decided to broaden his horizons and take his talents abroad. He boldly moved to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, where he secured a residency with the internationally renowned party brand, Pacha. This residency marked a new chapter in Marco's career, providing him with the opportunity to showcase his skills to a diverse and global audience while continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music culture.

Marco Mei's exceptional talent for crafting distinctive sets and producing impressive music quickly garnered attention from industry insiders, propelling him to international recognition as a DJ of remarkable calibre. His prowess behind the decks has afforded him the privilege of sharing stages with esteemed artists such as David Morales, Justin Berkman, Roger Sanchez, Sander Kleinenberg, Harry Romero, Ralph Falcon, and many other luminaries of the electronic music scene.

Stefano, a talented musician from Torino, Italy, showed remarkable potential early in his musical journey. His passion for music quickly became a consuming force, occupying much of his free time and driving his creative pursuits.

Exploring various musical avenues, Stefano delved into the realms of classical piano, percussion, and drums, immersing himself in the diverse sounds and rhythms of different instruments. Alongside his musical studies, he developed a profound appreciation for the compositions of Chopin, embracing the emotive depth and technical brilliance of the classical repertoire.

Furthermore, Stefano discovered inspiration within the vibrant traditions of West African music, specifically captivated by the complex rhythms and cultural depth of the Djembe drum. This diverse musical influence not only molded Stefano's artistic persona but also established the groundwork for his forthcoming pursuits as a musician and entertainer.

Stefano held a deep-seated passion for a wide spectrum of music genres, but it was the realm of DJing that ignited a profound spark within him. During his teenage years, Stefano found himself irresistibly drawn to the magnetic appeal of the DJ, fascinated by the mesmerizing beats and contagious rhythms emanating from the decks.

What distinguished the DJs was their capacity to curate and present music rarely heard on Italian radio stations during that era. This spirit of musical exploration and revelation deeply resonated with Stefano, sparking his curiosity and motivating him to delve deeper into the world of DJ culture.

Indeed, turning the mesmerizing sounds that inspired him into performances for large audiences might have appeared as an unreachable dream for many. Yet, through relentless effort and unwavering commitment, Stefano and Marco established Bicycle Corporation.

Despite their current success, Marco and Stefano stay true to their humble origins. To narrate their musical journey, they've created a Bandcamp page where they provide glimpses into their creative process and share their earlier works with the world.

Furthermore, their radio programs, devoted to House Music, Techno, and various sub-genres, act as platforms for spotlighting artists deeply ingrained in the electronic music scene in Asia. Through these programs, Marco and Stefano not only honour the diversity and depth of electronic music but also foster connections within the dynamic Asian music community.

Indonesian DJ and production trio We Are Neurotic standing looking at the camera in an angled shot, black and white image.

Guests We Are Neurotic.

This week, our featured guests are We Are Neurotic, a dynamic disco, house, and funk trio hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. Renowned for their electrifying performances, We Are Neurotic has captivated audiences worldwide with their unique blend of music.

In 2012, Jakarta-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Mono embarked on a solo project named Neurotic, following his departure from his previous band. Initially a solo endeavour with a rotating lineup of supporting musicians for live performances, Neurotic welcomed bassist Yosaviano Santoso to the fold in 2015, followed by drummer Karel William in 2017.

Following the release of two pop albums under the Neurotic moniker, Mono, Santoso, and William decided to take a hiatus in late 2018 to address personal matters. Regrouping in 2020, the trio, now known as We Are Neurotic, rebranded themselves to signify the more equitable dynamic within the group. They also transitioned their musical style towards funk, disco, and house music, with elements of jazz interspersed for added depth and flair.

During the early months of the pandemic, with time on their hands, We Are Neurotic made a pivotal decision to become active users on Discord and Twitch. This move not only allowed them to showcase their talent but also led to participation – and often victory – in online music battles hosted by esteemed names such as Disclosure, Chromeo, MJ Cole, and Kenny Beats. Along the way, they forged new acquaintances and received valuable advice, enriching their musical journey.

Embracing Discord has opened doors for We Are Neurotic, facilitating collaborations with musicians from around the globe. Notably, they teamed up with Russian producer Igor Gonya, resulting in the creation of "Just Words" in 2022, their most-streamed track to date. Through Gonya's label, Lisztomania Records, they released the EPs "Jakarta Funk" and "Bite Off Ya Beat" in 2022 and 2023, respectively, further solidifying their international presence.

We Are Neurotic has also collaborated notably with Korean-born, San Francisco-based artist 3kelves. Together, they have produced a series of singles, including "Lake Temescal Blues," "Relieved Memories," and "Think of You Only." Additionally, they joined forces with Dutch-American producer Dylan C. Greene to form the collective C3DO. Furthermore, We Are Neurotic's music has found a home on several esteemed labels worldwide, including Italy's Stereophonic and France's Kitsuné Musique.

Inspired by advice garnered from a Q&A session on Disclosure’s Discord platform, We Are Neurotic decided to adopt a strategy similar to Conor Albert's. They began consistently writing and recording music, sharing it online in the form of minute-long Instagram Reels. This approach aimed to capture the interest of new listeners and engage with other interested parties, leveraging the power of social media to expand their reach and presence in the music community.

Thanks to Edan Frei of Los Angeles duo B00TY – for whom Mono had co-produced tracks – four of those reels were featured in Sephora’s The Beauty of Blackness documentary, broadcasted in the U.S. on HBO Max. Furthermore, 3kelves facilitated the inclusion of more of We Are Neurotic’s music in Samsung’s promotional campaign for the Galaxy S23 smartphone, both in South Korea and worldwide.

To assist new listeners in exploring more of We Are Neurotic’s music following their exposure to The Beauty of Blackness and the Samsung Galaxy S23 ads, the band opted to expand those snippets into a full-length album. This decision came about following the recommendation of 3kelves and Greene, their partners in C3DO. Released in March 2023, "You Are Not Even Close" offers a comprehensive representation of We Are Neurotic’s musical repertoire to date, infused with an Indonesian flair that distinguishes them from their global counterparts.

In February 2024, Dylan C. Greene, 3kelves, and We Are Neurotic jointly launched C3DO Recordings, a vibrant label dedicated to house, disco, and electronic music. The label's mission is to foster its community of artists and deliver a consistent flow of high-quality, distinctive releases. It's apt that the label's inaugural release, "Hyperservice," a dynamic gospel-disco anthem by Indonesian trio We Are Neurotic, sets the benchmark and ethos for what audiences can anticipate from this imprint in the forthcoming months.

The Jakarta-based band delivers a captivating instrumental performance with an impressive fast tempo, while the San Francisco producer, 3kelves, infuses his tongue-in-cheek flair through spirited vocal cuts and his iconic dub siren. The track maintains its high energy throughout, akin to a quadruple shot of espresso, and the second half escalates with a riveting piano solo courtesy of the young Indonesian keyboard prodigy, Matalino Siraj.

Don't miss out on an electrifying showcase of Funk, Disco, and House Music. Tune in live on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT). For those who can't join us live, catch the replay of the show on Tuesday from 10 AM to 12 PM ICT.

'Foundations' episode 94 with We Are Neurotic.

Yukihiro Fukutomi - I Am

Atjazz, Jitwam, Teymori - Help Yo Self (Atjazz Remix)

Chaos In The CBD - Emotional Intelligence

Hajime Yoshizawa - I Am With You

Felipe Gordon - Vibralove

Kolter - Duke

White Soul Project - Ever Love

Andrea Di Rocco - The Past Present

Kryptogram - Woman Like You

We Are Neurotic - Touch Your Body

We Are Neurotic - Bite Off Ya Beat

Dam Swindle - Body Control (Original Mix)

Janet Jackson feat. Nelly - Call On Me (Disclosure Bootleg)

Disclosure, Sasha Keable - Voices

Beau - Stuck On Repeat

Kryptogram - 3000

Riton & Kah-Lo - Fake ID

We Are Neurotic - Future Dance Culture

Risk Assessment feat. Monica Blaire - It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Grant Nelson Remix)

Dylan C. Greene, 3Kelves feat. We Are Neurotic - Gone Too Late

We Are Neurotic - Straight To Chicago

Romeo Louisa - The House Of Jazz (Theos Remix)

Mondo Grosso - Butterfly

Douvelle 19 - Show Me

DJ Q & Hans Glader - Thief In The Night (Salute Remix)

Mondo Grosso - MG4BB (Wideboys 2 By 2)

Y U QT - Buss Down

Disclosure - Go The Distance

Moxy Edits - Moxy Edits 001

Yesca - Set Me Free

French Fries - Hugz

2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon

Fred Again.. - Tate (How I Feel) [Dylan C. Greene Remix]

We Are Neurotic feat. 3Kelves - Hyperservice

MJ Cole feat. Jill Scott - Perfect Pitch

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