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Bicycle Corporation announce DJ Nandi for 'Electronic Roots' 50.

Indonesian DJ and Produccer Nandi performing in the studio, colour image.

Bicycle Corporation introduce guest DJ Nandi for their 'Electronic Roots' show episode 50. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of the DJs and producers Marco MEI and the talented Stefano Ugliano who also goes under the production alias 6884. To date, the pair have over 50 releases including genres from Deep House, Tech House, French House, Melodic and Techno.

Marco began his career in the early nineties by working as a crew doing events under the brand Urban People. Over time he gained recognition on the music scene and steadily became a man in demand at events all over Italy.

He was then offered a residency he could not turn down at the globally renowned brand Pachha in Daar es Salaam, Egypt. But then things didn’t stop there, after so much so success in his native land and at Pacha, he was soon getting international bookings across the planet.

Stefano, originating from Torino, Italy showed promise as a virtuoso from a very early age. He demonstrated a natural flair for the musical arts that overcame him and his free time. He mastered classical piano, percussion and drums and felt gratification for ‘Chopin’s and ‘West African Djembe.’

His early interests in music, whilst admired, were overcome by his admiration of electronic music. He glared at videos of disc jockeys performing on the now legendary Technics SL 1200s with wonder and imagined himself performing.

He noticed that the beats he witnessed in videos on channels such as MTV were largely absent on mainstream Italian radio and craved more. His initial exposure ignited a fire in the rebel Stefano and then through a lot of work and self-belief, he studied production in his free time.

Then by chance, he met Marco Mei and instantly had a fusion and discussed how they could create these sounds together. As the duo melted together their production skills they had a flurry of releases across many genres and record labels.

Despite their global recognition, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their roots as teenagers new to the scene. Recently, they’ve been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set up a Bandcamp page to distribute them

Indonesian DJ and producer Nandi performing at an event, colour image.

Guest DJ Nandi.

This week's guest is DJ Nandi, DJ Nandi is an Indonesian DJ who has a deep passion for electronic music. Whenever he plays he tries to present his love for music with the same undying passion.

His love of House Music comes from many influences including Soul, Jazz, Disco, Funk, Minimal to Techno. These are all brought to life through his distinctive taste and impeccable mixing style.

Whether he plays in a big club or small bar his aim is always to deliver the correct music for the target audience thus creating a vibe and taking the revellers on a journey. He has played and continues to play at some of the best of Jakarta's nightspots including Jenja Jakarta, Colosseum Club as well as various bars and lounges.

He has also made international appearances across the Asian region playing at a fortitude of venues including Club Kyo (SG & KL), Jiro (KL), and Le Noir (KL). Nandi is also part of the House Cartel collective that consists of like-minded individuals at its core with an aim to push House and Techno music to the masses in Indonesia.

Listen live on Wednesday 29th of June 2022 from 6 PM to 8 PM Indochina Time (ICT), and repeat Sunday from 6 AM to 8 AM (ICT).

'Electronic Roots' episode 50, DJ Nandi 29th of June 2022.

Surya Sen - Jessica (DJ Boring Remix)

Director's Cut & Kenny Summit - Loving You (Roberto Rodriguez Dub)

Jamie 3:26, Masalo, Terrence Parker - Testify (Terrence Parker Remix)

REda daRE - Dini

Lis Sarroca - No Wait

Demi Riquisimo - Noisey Kricket

H.O.S.H. - Tighter Feat. Jalja (Whitesquare Extended Remix)

Kino Todo, SOLI - Space Sum (DJ Tennis Remix)

Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy - Freakin' (Original)

Matthias Tanzmann - Bindford (Original Mix)

Fauvrelle - La Vie (Tuccillo Remix)

Santos, Riva Starr, Troels Abrahamsen - Up On The Hill (Original Mix)

E-Dancer - Uptempo (DJ Minx Remix)

Sosa (UK) - Isolator (Original Mix)

Cromby - Vortex

AJ Christou - We Play

Housey Doingz - Brothers (Original Mix)

Donald's House - Everything Is Fine (Original Mix)

Kone Kone - Come Closer (Reboot's Muscleflexx Rework)

Eden Burns - Yardmaster Pt. I Feat. Nice Girl

Overmars, Moodymanc - Only Sober (Original Mix)

Roberto Pagliaccia - When We Were Kids (Audiojack Extended Remix)

Sven Vath - Feiern (Original Mix)

Orbital - Halcyon On and On

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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