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DJ Foxy Tail

Russian DJ Foxy Tail standing holding a vinyl record above her head, colour image.

DJ Foxy Tail is a Russian DJ named Katya. She has become a well-established DJ in the Asian scene with her radio shows and performances across Asia and is abundant with passion for her future as a DJ.


Behind the decks, she has a very special ability to push people onto the dance floor with very eclectic and surprising sets exploring all genres of electronic music, her main styles being tech house, progressive house and techno. She has been performing in Russia in cities such as Yekaterinburg, Sochi and Moscow, and has had International bookings in Indonesia (Bali, Gili Air islands), India (GOA), Cambodia (Sihanoukville, Koh Rong island) and Vietnam (Saigon).


Katya recently said "The more I play the more research I'm carrying out, research for something unique and unusual, if not extraordinary. Performing as a DJ is about finding myself and expressing myself through music. Therefore, I am always researching, I guess it’s just endless; endless love for the music, yourself and to the people whose love for the music is like mine".


Most of the time her performance is a unique mix of tribal house with ethnic vibes and pumping tech-house. She might look cute but don’t let it fool you as she can rock the dance floor. For bookings please click the link below.

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