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British DJ and promoter Yushka performing at Broma .

Hailing from Nottingham in the UK, Yushka has been dropping beats at free parties, raves, festivals and club nights, around the UK, Ireland and more recently Vietnam since the mid-2000s. Part of Nottingham's What The Funk? DJ collective and the brains behind Nottingham's Shits and Giggles and Hot-Point Sound Systems. As a teen Yushka always had a keen interest in how music was produced and making mixes, unable to afford decks, but with access to a very rudimentary software and a CD burner he started producing mixes to distribute around the school which went down a storm.

It would take until 2004 at the ripe old age of 22 until he would finally get a go on some proper decks. By 2006 he was running weekly Sh!ts and GIggles Nottingham events in bars and clubs around the city, with co-host and founder Animinimal (Deck-starter/Catalyst). As the events continued it became clear they needed to boost venues sound systems with their own and so Sh!ts and G!ggles sound system was born. 

This quickly evolved; and after a messy night listening to some phat beats with the now legendary Matty C (Hanoi Hi-Fi), Hotpoint Sound System of Nottingham was founded. (It's a long story, but it turns out distant music sometimes sounds like a dishwasher!) This led to all sorts of Freeparty shenanigans, with the basic ethos of, bring what you expect to find, leaving any space in a better state and don’t be a dick! Collaborations with Nights across the East Midlands, Such as Substance D&B, Pure Filth, TSA303, Monkey Nuts and Psycle followed, bringing the classic multi-genre nights and parties that Hotpoint and S&G became known for. 

He has been a supporting act for Drum and Bass legends EZ Rollers and Kenny Ken and played in venues in Vietnam such as, Sidewalk Hanoi - Bar / Kitchen / Events (Hanoi) and Broma: Not a Bar, Arcan, Bann Bar, (HCMC). Anticipate anything, Chilled Laid BackBeats, Breaks, Hip Hop, Electro, Tech, D&B, all with a hint of Funk and Soul. Now a resident at Sunday Funk Sessions at Arcan, expect to see a lot more of him in and around Asia in 2022.

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