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The Lab Sessions announce guest DJs and playlists for 'Assemble' 06.

The Lab Sessions Cover Pghoto Featuring Vargdeck on the left and Takamasa Owaki on the right  and ours and their logos, black and white image.

Assemble 6 was originally aired on Friday 18th of September 2020, listen to both shows on the Mixcloud players below. Scientific Sound Asia is the underground electronic music station for India, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Phillippines and the rest of Asia.

The Lab Sessions (TLS) are an artistic electronic music collective from Bogotá, Colombia that is step by step forging an alliance through their showcases and big events. They aim to bring a representative image portraying the Colombian underground electronic music scene.

At the same time, TLS offers to its following conformed of locals and foreigners of several nationalities an artistic product of quality. This aims to demonstrate that good music not only comes from the hands of artists from abroad but also is played and produced by Colombian artists with great potential.

TLS has been doing events across South America since 2016, performing its shows in the most amazing venues and clubs. These include Octava, Klan 31, Teatron, KAPUTT, Vagabond, Bud-X Colombia, Top Secret Medellín, Armando Records, Céntrico, Mambo Alive, Sutton, Montibus Fest, Bassline events, TLS Parties, Euro Techno, Madame Garden (Cali), La Fabryka (Cali), Victoria, Masha, Vlak, Lede Club and more recently at Groove and Dirty Sanchez in Quito (Ecuador).

Colombian DJ and producer Vargdeck performing in Bogotá, black and white image.

Guest DJ (first hour) Vargdeck.

This week's first guest DJ is Vargdeck a Colombian DJ and producer hailing from the capital Bogotá. He is a passionate music lover, who was influenced by the 80 s and 90 s rave music genres.

His dedication and ongoing training have allowed him to perform as a disc jockey and was invited to play at La Mega Movistar Fest (2014) by the Colombian artist Yndukana. He has been part of artistic projects, and electronic performances alongside truly first-rate artists.

In his short career as a DJ he has performed on various venues and projects including Blac & White Club, In Live Session Vendjs, Franja Electrónica Radiónica, Connexion & TLS Podcast, Red Room Bogotá 20, Hikikomori Stream Fest & Rec, and Radio Electronica Colombiana. He has also engaged in corporate work for brands and releases such as Versace, Chivas Regal, Axe, Nissan, and BMW, amongst others.

On stage, Vargdeck is the perfect combination of sensitiveness, musical dynamics and warm sounds, coming from all trends and rhythms derived from House and Disco. He is always looking for feedback from both the DJ community and the ravers to guarantee both memorable and overwhelming performances.

Japanese DJ and producer Takamasa Owaki in head shot, black and white image.

Guest DJ Takamasa Owaki.

This week's second guest DJ is Takamasa Owaki, hailing from Kamo-gun in Japan. Takamasa Owaki started his career in South America as DJ participating in events in Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador.

His style revolves around House, Nu Disco & Tech House and his professional experience with 19 Years of musical influence with genres such as the '80s and '90s electronic music, Disco and Rock. Takamasa Owaki listened to classical music every day from a very young age being influenced by his father.

At the age of 23, he moved to the United States for 2 years as an agriculture student and was involved in electronic music, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Latin music, this baptism of various musical genres set him off as a DJ. After returning to Japan, he worked as a florist while gaining experience as a DJ at cafes and bars.

With a style that shifts genres through Disco, Afro House, Psychedelic, and Ambient with a focus on Deep House, and Soulful House he dramatically alters his style. Cactus Experience features urban, sophisticated sounds and addictive grooves, with Deep House that always penetrates deep inside. This includes Soulful House which resonates with the cry of the soul and Chillout which unleashes your spirit.

His career started on Vinyl, and he has graced the decks as resident Dj in “Lavista” Nightclub at Intercontinental Hotel Doha Qatar, The Warehouse Wine & Tapas in Pearl Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi, Impressions Lounge at Anantara Hotel Abu Dhabi, ToroToro in Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, and HardRock Café Bogotá. His Musical Journey with Cactus Experience delves deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind.

'Assemble' by The Lab Sessions Crew 06 18th of September 2020.

Vargdeck: (first hour).

Adapter - Darkness (Berny Remix)

Nice7 - Bassline Soldiers (Original Mix)

Christian Smith - Silencer (Original Mix)

Affkt - Jakla (Gorge Remix)

Kevin Knapp Feat. Richy Ahmed - The Drums (Original Mix)

Indart & Trotz - Mr Sun (Remix)

Ali Love Feat. Kali - Emperor (Club Remix)

Anhanguera - Godchildren Of Soul (Remix)

Matheux - Smart Virus (Original Mix)

Artfaq - Telephone Days (Original Mix)

Juan Deminicis & Marcelo Dalessandro - The Robots (Original Mix)

Takamasa Owaki: (second hour).

Takamasa Owaki - Intro Cactus 1 [CactusExperience]

Edvard Hunger - Someone Before (Original Mix)[Bevel Rec]

Jab Vix - To The South (Original Mix) [Solar Twilight]

Vertigini - The Shrimps (Original Mix) [Myriad Black Records]

Platzdasch, Dix - Cielo Drive (Original Mix) [Delve Deeper Recordings]

Jeff Swiff - First Blush (Original Mix) [Delve Deeper Recordings]

Simeon - Reflection (Original Mix) [Black Catalogue]

Point G - Avignon (Original Mix) [Point G]

The Planetts - Purple Lime (Original Mix) [Medium Rare Recordings]

Atsou, Armonica - Sleepwalk Town (Armonica Remix) [Connected Frontline]

Fernando Picon - Intro Nature Surbeats Records]

Ten Ven - On My Mind (Extended Mix) [Future Disco]

Ziggy (IT) - Deep In You (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Promos]

Soulista, Tracy Hamlin - Like Nobody Else (Extended Mix) [Groove Culture]

Adamant, Richelle Hicks - Come See Me Tonight (Original Vocal Mix) [All Skin Types Records]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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