pulsɘs to start new Dark Techno show on 6th of May 2020.

06 May

Scientific Sound Asia is grateful to announce that pulsɘs will be starting a new Dark Techno show this Wednesday 6th of May 2020 10 PM till 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Sunday 10AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the online Radio Station for the Asian region and Internationally.

pulsɘs real name Amedeo Marini is an emerging artist born and raised in Rome, Italy but currently resident in the underground scene of Groningen, Holland. The Italian DJ (and  producer) has a dark, high energy, uncompromising techno style, mostly getting him to play closing sets. 

He is looking at his first international gigs after the pandemic, after having played for a few underground organizers and planning bigger events in his base-town. He often goes for a blend of rave, hard techno, EBM, dark techno, elektro and industrial techno.  His radio show is mostly dark music themed with discussions on how corona is affecting the clubbing scene in Europe. His musical background has included post-metal and sludge as a guitar player, enjoy the show!

pulsɘs Techno show 6th of May 2020.

Aleja Sanchez, Dino Sabatini - El Arbol de la VIda

Sub Space - The Bi-Machine

Desroi - Gauze Cover Flow

Desroi - Bright Blood

Joaquin Ruiz - Magnetism

D.Dan - Take it Easy

Jokasti & Nek - Scism

Stef Mendesidis - The Secret Agent's Blunder

Eas - Elected Pain

Primal - Truth Without Pain

no.name - Cyberpunk

Kander - Insight

Endlec - Heavy Hitter

Vere - Type B

Aron SC - One Seventy Five

Leo Laker - Introductory Summoning Technique

Ruffneck Prime - Sign of the 13th Pyramid

pulsɘs - Basta

Wanton - Anarcho Syndicalism

Wanton - Mental Disorder

Mickey Nox - Syd. the Liar (snitch mix)

Violent - Whispers of Sorrow

hel.IV - Vitriol

SNTS - Beyond Humans

Aneed - Destroy Only 

Ayarcana - Ignite

Krampf - XTC LSD (Do we really need?)

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