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Pulsɘs Publishes Tracklist For Techno Show On 20th Of May 2020.

Italian DJ and producer pulsɘs sitting in a chair and drinking a small glass of beer.

pulsɘs has published the playlists and announced guest DJ Damaged Psyche for his Dark Techno show this Wednesday 20th of May 2020 10 PM till 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Sunday 10AM to 12 PM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the online electronic music station for the Asian region and Internationally.

pulsɘs real name Amedeo Marini is an emerging artist born and raised in Rome, Italy but currently resident in the underground scene of Groningen, Holland. The Italian DJ (and producer) has a dark, high energy, uncompromising techno style, mostly getting him to play closing sets.

He is looking at his first international gigs after the pandemic, after having played for a few underground organizers and planning bigger events in his base-town. He often goes for a blend of rave, hard techno, EBM, dark techno, elektro and industrial techno.

His radio show is mostly dark music themed with discussions on how corona is affecting the clubbing scene in Europe. His musical background has included post-metal and sludge as a guitar player.

Guest DJ (first 80 minutes) Damaged Psyche.

This weeks guest DJ is Damaged Psyche, Damaged Psyche is a Djing project that was born in 2018 led by Lina Salazar. This revolves around the genres of Techno, Industrial Techno, Acid Techno, Dark Disco and EBM.

She also runs a new podcast series with these themes "Zellstaat", enjoy the show!

pulsɘs Techno show 20th of May 2020.

Damaged Psyche (first 80 miinutes).

Wumpscut - Lindberg

Codeless Avec Alter D - Illusione

Unhuman - Unterstützung

Phase Fatale - Empty Whip

Liebknecht - Next

De Bons En Pierre - Frog Stoemp

Lapse Of Reason - Go Away

Hkkptr - Kaelte

Adam X - Antagonistic

Crystal Geometry - Deathcare Usa

Blush Response - Unclean Spirit

Mædon - Illusion

Codex Empire - Fumifugion

Illnurse - All Day Feat. DJ Varsovie

Dax J - Protect The Prophecy

Ionic Vision - Die Macht Milimetric Remix

Gewalt - Can We Leave Now? End Of Mortal Life Remix

Klangkuenstler - Hexenmeister

Teik Arô - Acid Resurrection

Aneed - Circeo

Agency - Snorthing Crushed Teeth

- Sorry I Was Under

pulsɘs (Last 40 Minutes).

Distorted Anima - Shinjuku Drift (Pulsɘs Nissan Pulsar Dark Industrial Mix)

pulsɘs & Aron Sc - Uurlakh

Oguz - Purification

Wndrlst - Two Steps From Hell

Luca Eck- Under The Skin

[krtm] - Sapien

Aneed - Circeo

Leo Laker - The Great Beast Theme

Violent - Whispers Of Sorrow

pulsɘs - Odivm

Mickey Nox - Six Feet Chain

Listen Here.

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