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'Mccarty Shoot' Announce Guest DJs For Episode 7.

Argentinian DJ and producer Milka López standing in a coat over her dress, against black background, colour image.

'McCarty Shoot' episode 7 features guests Milka López and Themaddeejay . Scientific Sound Asia is the online Asian electronic music station for the region with an international following.

McCarty Records was born during an encounter between Europe and the Middle East. Ultimately, it was born from the friendship between two people, who have always been music lovers. Both founders had been working in the world of music for many years and decided to combine their talents and enterprise to start a new label.

At the record labels birth both felt they were young and rebellious enough to open their branches to everyone and to all musical genres of the Techno galaxy. As a result of their decision McCarthy records releases tracks across the spectrum be it Techno, Melodic, Deep Tech, Minimal and Tech House.

McCarthy Records will present to us every month their hand picked selection of fresh releases from themselves, their guests and from across the international Techno world.

Argentinian Dj and producer Milka López performing as a DJ on Pioneer CDJs at an event.

Guest DJ Milka López (first hour).

In this show the first DJ Is Milka López, Milka López is a Argentinian DJ and producer from Buenos Aires. From a very young age she was dedicated to classical music. For 10 years she dedicated herself to composing the music for her falter ego as a film producer.

In 2019, her passion for electronic music led her to dedicate herself 100% to playing and producing techno. Her latest releases are “Átomos en cámara” for Beathey Recordings and “Amor X” for Bahrein Records. Currently she is a resident DJ of Club Bahrein in Buenos Aires.

Guest DJ Themaddeejay (second hour).

This episodes next guest DJ Is Themaddeejay, he started playing the guitar at 5 years old in the city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Later on in his childhood he also learned to play the drums and this begun his love affair with music.

After many years playing in bands, mostly in the Heavy Metal, Rock and Blues genre, he found it was hard to keep bands together and to land some gigs, so it was time for a different approach as an artist.

Then in 1996 he started performing as a DJ and entered a competition at the now defunct Independent Club in Maastricht, Netherlands. This was when he realised that this was his calling as an artist.

He begun performing with the artist name Themaddeejay and started producing his own tracks, mainly in the Techno genre and has been doing so for the last 25 years now. He has releases on McCarty Records, LETS Techno Records, and his own personal label MadMinds Productions, amongst others.

Listen to the show live Saturday 9th of October 2021 2 AM to 4 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Tuesday 2 PM to 4PM (ICT).

McCarty Shoot Episode 6, 9th of October 2021.

Milka López Tracklist: (first hour).

Empa - Lirane (Original Mix)

Milka López - Athos (Original Mix)

FAC3OFF - Dark World (Original Mix)

Blood and Tears - Thorax (Original Mix)

F.R.E.D. - Neat Freak (Original Mix)

Richard Cleber - Indigo (Original Mix)

Jhonnypluse - There I Was (Original Mix)

Below Surface - 5am Departure (Original Mix)

Patrik Berg - Activated (Original Mix)

George Isaev - 3 A.M. (Original Mix)

Rene Park - Push It (Original Mix)

Milka López - Átomos En Cámara (Original Mix)

THEMADDEEJAY Tracklist: (second hour).

Danz Maxine - Carroña (Original Mix)

Sergio Brea - Line Up (Original Mix)

Rob van Hell - Phase Jump (Original Mix)

Concat - All Night (Dadgar Remix)

Coach - Perpetual Dark (DJ Joel Cabana Remix)

THEMADDEEJAY - Overdose (Original Mix)

TechKwando - S.T.A.R.S (Original Mix)

Danz Maxine - Sense Irregularity (Original Mix)

THEMADDEEJAY - Call To Arms (Original Mix)

Basscontroll - Heavenly Times (Original Mix)

THEMADDEEJAY - The Day Has Come (Original Mix)

Coach - World To Come (COACH Fuck it Remix)

THEMADDEEJAY - La Belva (Original Mix)

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