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Italian producer and DJ Inve announces playlist for episode 39.

Italian DJ and producer INVE pointing his finger at the camera whilst performing, colour  image.

INVE has published his playlist for his upcoming show. Scientific Sound is the Asian electronic music station for the region and the rest of the world.

INVE is an Italian DJ and producer who originates from Valenza in Italy. His productions are characterised by sonority House, Deep, Jackin and Nu Disco with Tech & Progressive House influences.

His DJ performances vary from the most refined Club House to the most electronic and deep. He founded with the DJ and producer Diego Forsinetti a duo entitled Inve & Forsi, releasing their first single 'Feel and Mazar' to critical acclaim.

Their productions have been released on labels such as Emotive Vibes (Copenhagen-Denmark), G-Records (Milan) and many many more. He has released two remixes for the German duo B.Infinite vs Chris Cowley and has also released an international electronic project with N.D. Anderson, Zinner & Orffee, Michael Kruse and B.Infinite & Chris Cowley called Crush Your Head.

This was followed by "La La La" (miniMarket), "Fired" (Oryx) and the remix of "Agent 808" by Chris Cowley, Steve S, and Decibel Rockerz featuring Denyse LePage. The official remix 2019 of "Disco Down" by House Of Glass on Ocean Trax is noteworthy, reaching 28th place in the Traxsource House chart.

He later released singles ranking 20th on the Techno Traxsource chart. More recently with their latest releases, Inve & Forsi include remixes with top Jackin House producer FederFunk.

He has released a track recently entitled “Hoy”, a brand new project, ranking 20th on the Techno Traxsource chart and "Right Back" for Total Freedom. He and his partner Forsi are back together with the latest releases "No One Else" (Mumi), "Love" (Onako) and "Saved My Life" (Turtle Wax).

Meanwhile, together with Diego and Mark Fill, he has released "You And I" with CRMS Records (Cruise Music) and U.S.A. (Zero Eleven). In a new collaboration with Andrea Mirgone, a new Melodic and Progressive House project has begun with the track "Surface In The Air" (Rounded), "Beyond" (Surbeats) and "Constellation" (Marktek).

He and his duo get excellent results on Traxsource, the most appreciated portal by deejays internationally. His weekly show features the best of Melodic House, Progressive House, and Melodic Techno and some personal favourites.

Listen live this Sunday 20th of February 2022 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT) on Thursday.

INVE episode 39, 20th of February 2022. Tinlicker - Be Here And Now Feat. Nathan Nicholson

Hicky & Kalo - For Better Days (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)

Fuenka - Ricochet (Sean & Dee Remix)

Dylhen - Alive

Andrea Cassino & Lio Q - Asante

Franky Wah Feat. AETHO - Should Have Seen It Coming

C-Jay & LOM (AR) - Dormarch Feat. Stephane Gervais (D-Formation & Masella Remix)

Brett Kelso - Horizon

EANP - Lydia

Tale Of Us, Pete Tong - Time Feat. Jules Buckley

Spada Feat. Richard Judge - Happy If You Are


Alex O'Rion & Matter - Yugen

Moeaike - Imagine

Argy - A Course In Miracles (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

Rafael Cerato & Antony Toga - Freedom Feat. Thomas Gandey (Morttagua Remix)

Matt Fax & Viiq - Run Away

DASQ, Erik Cooke - Orapa

Ansun, Achilles, Jessika Dawn - Shadows

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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