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Italian duo TENET returns with episode 51.

Italian production duo Tenet in a trangular logo with a circular eclipse and their name above, black and white image

TENET, the celebrated Italian DJ and production duo, has just revealed the lineup for their forthcoming broadcast scheduled for Sunday. Scientific Sound Radio, a prestigious electronic music platform and DJ agency located in Asia is a favoured destination for local listeners as well as a diverse array of international fans.

To begin a new undertaking, the DJ and production pair have embarked on a fresh venture to communicate their artistic vision by utilising the abundance of experiences and expertise they have accumulated throughout their careers. Their musical creations encompass a combination of melodic and progressive house elements intricately woven with organic house and techno influences.

Their objective is to curate a precisely crafted experience that encompasses the best aspects of electronic music. This includes presenting the captivating harmonies and intricate depths of Progressive House music, the mesmerizing atmosphere of Organic House, the enchanting charm of Melodic House and Techno, and the irresistible beats of Tech House.

The skilled pair from Italy frequently exhibit their abilities on international radio stations, curating blends that highlight the finest aspects of Progressive House and Techno genres. Furthermore, they organize House and Techno gatherings at various venues in Italy, including esteemed establishments like Cafe De Anatolia, Ballroom, and Lohit. Through these platforms, they consistently convey their admiration for electronic music to local and worldwide audiences.

Both as a duo and as separate musicians, they have had the opportunity to share the stage with well-known international DJs like Kenny Carpenter, The Cube Guys, Joe T Vannelli, Subsonica, Tommy Vee, Auralism, and many more. Their objective is to continue making a notable impact in the constantly evolving world of house music and clubbing, while also expanding their influence into other areas. Through their partnerships and live shows, they are creating a lasting impression on the electronic music scene.

The DJs showcase a variety of music styles in their performances, including elegant Club House, electronic, and deep sounds. They have worked together on a project focused on Melodic and Progressive House, resulting in the production of songs like "Soulmate (Rounded)," "Holy Hollow (Xibalba)," "Expectations (Moon Magic)," and their most recent release, "Antigone (Wise Jester)."

In the latter part of 2022, the duo revealed their first single "Antarctica (Mumi)" to the general audience. This specific track received high ratings on Traxsource charts, a well-known platform used by DJs to discover various genres of house music.

Their weekly radio programme is a mesmerising blend of Progressive and Melodic House music, infused with elements of Techno. The live show is set to air on Sunday, 31st March 2024, commencing at 10 PM and wrapping up at 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT). Alternatively, you can catch the rebroadcast on Thursday, running from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT), with the programme starting at 10 PM and concluding at 12 AM Indochina Time 12 PM (ICT).

TENET episode 51 (first hour).

Ben Böhmer - Beyond Beliefs

Sina Bathaie - High Bridge

Aaron Sevilla & Mijangos feat. Nuzu Deep - Save Me

Adriatique & Marino Canal feat. Delhia De France - Home (Mind Against Remix)

Space Motion - Silver Screen

TENET - Rotas

ARTBAT feat. Sailor & I - Best of Me

CamelPhat, ARTBAT feat. RHODES - For a Feeling (Layton Giordani Remix)

Röyksopp - What Else Is There (ARTBAT Remix)

Listen Here.

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