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Igor Hush Realises Playlist For New Show Immersion 08.

Side shot of Belarusian DJ Igor Hush performing at an outdoor pool party as a DJ in Asia whilst wearing sunglasses.

Igor Hush has published his playlist for his show 'Immersion' 08 on Thursday 26th of March 2020 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Monday 8 to 10 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language electronic music station for Asia and hosts local and International DJs'.

Igor Hush real name Igor Romanchuk is a DJ who hails from Chervyen in Belarus. He is a well known DJ in the burgeoning underground community in the capital city of Belarus, Minsk. Igor spends his time between Minsk during the summer where he performs his art at a variety of venues and festivals across the urban sprawl of the capital and relocates to Asia when the winter months start to close in.

During his winter break in Asia, he performs at a dynamic range of clubs and bars around Asia in places such as Goa, India; Koh Phangan, Thailand; and Bali, Indonesia. Igors' predominant genres are Tech House including Minimal and Deep Tech, Afro House and Techno depending on the mood and the crowd, and his sets are pleasurable to the ear, enjoy the show!

Igor Hush 'Immersion' 08 26/03/2020.

Emanuele Inga - Heart Flush (Original Mix)

Carlos A - El Discurso Del Charles (Original Mix)

The Willers Brothers - The Possibility (Original Mix)

ANOTR - Don't Mind Ya Weight (Original Mix)

Timid Boy - An Afternoon in Lisboa (Dub Mix)

Arkady Antsyrev, Legit Trip - Asian Rustle (Original Mix)

Nasïnok - Sibiu (Original Mix)

Ja Kub - The Encounter (Original Mix)

Milos Pesovic - Escucha Me (Vitor Munhoz Remix)

Havvoc - Thalasso Therapy (Brandon Andrews, Kenny Hope Remix)

Dual Personality, Kassier - El Aguacero (Original Mix)

GruuvElement's - Shiny (Original Mix) G

Cosmin Horatiu - That Look (Original Mix)

Max Murillo - El Ritmo (same.As Around The Bush Remix)

Luis Fruelas - Good Vibes (Original Mix)

Astin - Yasuke (Original Mix)

Ariel Merisio, Massi ISX - My Frequency (DJ Entwan Remix)

Son of Elita - Tortured Mind (Jos Lok Remix)

Nicke, R.MA - Attityd (Original Mix)

Johanson & Mono Dub - La Guapachoza (Original Mix)

Del Fonda - Supreme (Original Mix)

ANOTR - Zima Blue (Original Mix)

Patron & Lemon - Dalai Theme (Original Mix)

Arturo Gioia - Canta Che Ti Passa (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Jack Pot (Gustaff Remix)

VALERO DISTORTED - Copycat (Original Mix)

Emanuele Inga - Live Of Love (Original Mix)

Listen Here On Mixcloud.


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