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Igor Hush Publishes Playlist For New Show On Scientific Sound Asia 7th November 2019.

Igor Hush Stading in front of a bush with his arms crossed and his head facing right.

Igor Hush's first 'Immersion' show was originally aired on Thursday 7th of November 2019 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) listen on the Mixcloud player below. Scientific Sound Asia is the electronic music station for Asia and globally and hosts local and International DJs'.

Igor Hush real name Igor Romanchuk is a DJ who originates from Chervyen in Belarus. He is a well respected performer in the rapidly expanding underground scene in the capital city of Belarus, Minsk. Igor splits his time between Minsk during the summer where he performs his art across a variety of venues and festivals throughout the capital and Asia when winter starts to draw in.

During his winter tours to Asia he performs at a dynamic spread of venues across Asia in places such as Goa, India; Koh Phangan, Thailand; and Bali, Indonesia. Igors' main styles are Tech House including Minimal and Deep Tech, Afro House and Techno depending on the venue and the crowd, and his sets are enchanting to the ear. We welcome Igor on-board and look forward to the show.

Igor Hush Play list 7/11/2019.

Altamirano, Lionel Escobar - Grown (Original Mix)

MADSABA - No Money (Original Mix)

Josh Lee - Santa Rosa (SOSA Remix)

Poor Pay Rich - You Can Tell (Original Mix)

Cast Away - Fluglicht (Original Mix)

Rossi. - Traveller (Original Mix)

Harry Leon - Murallas (Original mix)

Carlos A - Pueblo Minero (GUSTAFF Remix)

Menico - Easter Day (Original Mix)

August Artier - Ukiyo (Original Mix)

Dee no, Zamoras - Get Me (Original mix)

Not Brothers - 106 to Chicago (Original Mix)

Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero - Still Moving (Original Mix)

Lorenzo Dotti - Scandal (Original Mix)

Gustaff - Happy Ending (Original Mix)

Fellar - Hauaii Huiao (Original Mix)

Alejandre, Santiago Bejarano - K.O. (Original Mix)

DANDE - Late Session (Original Mix)

Cortes (US) - WHATS IT GON' BE (Original Mix)

GIORG - Revelation (Original Mix)

Mattias Coll - Un Segundo (Original Mix)

Enzo Leep - Belmonte (Alvaro Medina Remix)

Davide T - Bodymovin (Not Brothers Remix)

Mario D'ambrosio - Rythm and Flow (Original Mix)

Martin Occo, Fabri Tacc - Flow (Original Mix)

Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero - Roses (Original Mix)

Josh Lee - Ava's Groove (Original Mix)

Lorenzo Dotti - Much More (Original Mix)

Mario D'ambrosio - Jassie & Jane (Original Mix)

Bassel Darwish - This Is What We Do (Mike Morrisey, Luke Welsh Remix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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