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Graham Gold Releases Playlist For 'Esta La Musica' 354.

British DJ and producer Graham Gold performing as a DJ at an event in Goa, India, colour image.

Graham Gold has made public the play list for his weekly Show 'Esta La Musica' on this Saturday the 30th of May 2020, 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Wednesday 8 to 10 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia radio is the English language electronic music station for Asia.

Esta la Musica is a name taken from the tattoo he had done in Los Angeles, in the United States in the late nineties. Grahams initial fame in the electronic scene started with his weekly residency on London's Kiss 100 and his London club brand 'Peach'.

Esta La Musica started after he re-located to south east Asia after losing his role at Kiss, using the name embellished on his arm as a tattoo 'Esta La Musica’ as a name for the new Techno show. Graham’s founding years as a deejay were spent in London, United Kingdom with a 10 year long, six nights a week club residency at Gullivers Club in London’s Mayfair.

This propelled him to the forefront of the clubbing scene and he became well known. His journey as a world renowned DJ began aged just seventeen when, in the early seventies Gold's love of Afrocentric music led to a sought after mobile disco which he started with a friend, named 'The Funky Road Show' this became the most sought after brand in the west end of London.

Duncan Uren and Graham Gold on their funky road show DJ booth in the seventies, vintage black and white image.

Graham Gold with Duncan Uren.

Aged just 18, Graham was playing black music 5 nights a week in the U.K capital. This started a residency in the 80’s on many pirate radio stations across the city and a journey through the genres taking him from Reggae, Soul, Disco and to Jazz Funk.

Consequently, he joined the Radio London Soul Night Out team and a weekly Saturday night soul show on London's Capital FM, winning the 'Broadcaster of the year' in 1985. Graham was with Kiss FM from their beginnings in London and this is how he earnt global admiration.

His weekly shows were seen as the springboard to the success of Kiss and lifted him onto the international scene with a respectable 8 years in the DJ Magazine Top 100 and his subsequent entry onto Dash's "Most Popular DJs in the World of All Time."

Graham still has a massive following internationally and maintains his love for music with his show and performing frequent events in Asia and globally. Grahams weekly show features the best of House and Techno with promos straight from labels and artists featuring the following genres, Deep House, Progressive House, Melodic House and Techno, Tech House, Deep Tech, Organic house, and Techno

'Esta La Musica' 354.

Silent Revolt - My Remedy (Alfonso Muchacho) [Superordinate]

Nico Garreaud - Tes Yeux [Fifth Element]

Unknown Artist - Unknown Track

Michael & Levan N Kasey Taylor - Aftermath [Sprout]

Stan Kolev - Nevertheless [Outta Limits]

Donna-marie (Nz) - Mad Mondays [Mnl]

Einmusik - Ignition [Einmusika]

Digweed - Muir Bilder (Zoo Brazil) [Bedrock]

Jonny N Travis - It's Just A Dream Djebali

Bog - Corso (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

Eelke Kleijn - The Magician [Days Like]

Zacharias Tiempo - Gold And Freeze [Area Verde]

Tom Holkenborg - Infinity (Axels Theme)

Audiojack - Higher [8bit]

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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