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Gerard announces playlist and guest DJ for 'The Hit List' 60.

American DJ and producer Gerard a.k.a Gerard Jones in cartoonised imnage of himself holding his headphones in anger, colour image.

Gerard has published the track lists and guest DJ for his show The Hit List episode 60 with guest DJ Darrell Foxx. Scientific Sound Asia is the underground electronic music station for Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the rest of the Asian region.

Gerard is a DJ from Florida, the USA with a great natural flare for production and immense energy and passion for electronic music. He stands as a revolutionary figure across all that is House music whose works of genius have left audiences mesmerized where ever he’s performed.

Starting out as part of DeviceRATT with F.L.I. Records, It wasn’t long before Gerard’s interest in electronic music grew into a deep-seated adoration for the genre. It was here that he discovered his path, electrifying audiences with those entrancing beats and sounds.

He performed all across South Florida’s underground scene, including venues such as Treehouse and Nocturnal. The budding artist soon skyrocketed to the top, with rave reviews, sold-out shows and an ever-growing fan base.

In 2014 Gerard released his debut with Aerotek Records, and ever since then has continued to grow and forge a place for himself on the electronic scene. With further releases with a number of labels including Pure Pitch and LTHM, Gerard has become a prominent figure across all that is electronic music.

Gerard has not just been a success at home but across the border as well. He scored a string of residences in venues across East Asia. Laying down beats and producing magic before audiences he soon began to repeat the same achievements he’d had in his native land.

After gaining a gigantic following and becoming a firm favourite across venues, Gerad soon secured himself as a prominent figure on China’s music scene. Sadly though, he was unable to continue his path in the Far East. After enjoying success in that region, he made the move back to America when the pandemic struck, leaving a big hole in many music lovers' hearts.

Since his return to the States, Gerard continues to wield his craft and enchant audiences. With his fan base growing ever bigger, his name reaching heights and his sounds transcending across the world, Gerard has made his mark on the music scene and secured himself as one of its top contenders.

United States of AmericaDJ and producer Darrell Foxx standing wearing headphones, sunglasses and a baseball cap smiling at the camera in upper body shot, colour image.

Guest DJ Darrell Foxx (first hour).

This week's guest DJ is Darrell Foxx (first hour), Darrell Foxx real name Darrell Robinson is a DJ and producer and founding member of Casa Del Soul. He has been a staple of the dance music community in Denver and Chicago for over 15 years.

Originally from Chicago, his musical style is firmly grounded in a broad knowledge of early Disco, Funk, R&B, Gospel, Latin and House music. He currently plays House, Tech House, Deep House, and some of the best Latin Afro beats out there.

Darrell Foxx’s mixes have been referred to as “technically brilliant” due to his ability to meld notes and keys, sending you on an innovative journey of sound. This show originally aired on Tuesday the 2nd of February, listen to the Mixcloud player below.

'The Hit List' episode 60, 2nd of February 2021.

Darrell Foxx (first hour).

Fuzzy Cufflinxxx, Homero Espinosa - The Funkman (Original Mix)

Alex Connors, Hardy Heller - Colourblind (Original Mix)

Gorge, Oliver Schories - Goliath (Original Mix)

Neon Transmission - Cranborne Nights

Gruuve - Cloud (Extended Mix)

Joeski - Drift Within

Smalltown Collective - Nightshaper (Gorge & Skai Remix)

Stefano Crabuzza - Elite (Original Mix)

Stefano Crabuzza - Funkorama (Original Mix)

Frequency - Marabunta (Myxzlpix Remix)

Del Fonda - Synchro (Original Mix)

Mihai Popoviciu - Feleac

Luis Caballero, Voir - Rhythm Sound (Dub Mix)

Gerard (Second Hour).

Hot Since 82 - Hide (Original Mix)

Dayl - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Deeper Purpose - The Slap (Extended Mix)

Don't Blink - The Little Bit (Original Mix)

Definition, Natascha Polke - Siren (Audiojack Remix)

DJ S.K.T - Like This (Extended Mix)

DJ Fronter - Sapiencial (Original Mix)

Chapter & Verse - Step Into It

Gw Harrison - Operator (Original Mix)

Kevin Mckay & Milos Pesovic - Work It (Extended Club Mix)

Brown Vox, Beatsonik - Dope (Original Mix)

Andrei C, Hightech (Arg) - The Feelings (Original Mix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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