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El Brujo and 6047 return for 'Work In Progress' 4.

Italian DJ and producer El Brujo Work In Progress Logo featuring black writing on yellow background with a man digging adapted from a road sign.

El Brujo and 6047 have published their track lists for the new 'Work In Progress' episode 4. Scientific Sound Asia is the Asian electronic music station for the region and internationally.

El Brujo (first hour) real name Robert Milanesi was born in Italy in 1964. From a very early age he became addicted to music and in 1994 became known as one of the founding fathers of the underground rave scene in Bologna, Italy.

His first official release in 2008 was ‘Warriors’ on the Milan Label Open Legs. Jambalay Records, his label was launched at their opening party in 2010 in Ibiza, Spain at Club Geminis in the Ibiza harbour.

The label and El Brujo then burst onto the worldwide scene with the legendary Maya Jane Coles first charting in her February Chart 2011; his track, ‘Mozambique’ in collaboration with Big Mojo, was his first physical CD release ’Nutty Fellas Are Go'. In January 2019, his release, ‘Plastic Dreams’ was originally released on Frame Worxx and ranked number #33 in the Beatport Hard Techno Top 100.

EL Brujo has released on labels such as Hydraulic, Naked Lunch, Elektrax, Frame Workxx, Lw Recordings, Subwoofer, Sound Dissonance, Physical Techno and many others. In May 2022 he was charted by DJ Rush and his track Shit Happens reached position number 10 in the Beatport top 100 for Jackin House.

His Unique sound is one of the unknown as the cosmos is a part of El Brujo and his creations are interstellar in his “Raw” approach whatever the music genre he conceives in music innovation. Every month El Brujo will be giving us a guest DJ from his collection of Techno producers and artists. In his next show, El Brujo enlights us with a selection of his own and his cohorts' tracks.

American DJ and producer 6047 in simulated galaxy shot featuring him against a space background with his logo, colour image.

Guest DJ 6047 (second hour).

This month's guest (second hour) is 6047, 6047 (read as 60:47) is a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer whose origins are in Vietnam but whose heart lies in California. His background in the electronic arts is stunning and he has released across a variety of genres on many labels.

He is very light-hearted in his perception of himself and prefers to let his tracks and remixes tell his story. He has under a variety of formats and labels released well over 800 tracks and remixes in his 20-year tenure.

His production abilities have gained him a reputation and earnt him a number of guest shows on international stations worldwide and recognition of his work are significant. His attention to finite details and his performance style which revolves around Progressive, breaks, and beat matching make him formidable in the booth as a DJ.

He is involved in many collaborations at present with many of the other Scientific Sound Asia artists and can be heard on radio stations and podcasts the world over. His show features his Techno and Hard Techno promo favourites. This show originally aired on Friday the 16th of June 2023, listen to the Mixcloud player below.

'Work In Progress' episode 4.

El Brujo: (first hour).

STROMAE - Alors On Danse (El Brujo Mash Up) [NOT FOR SALE]

El Brujo - Higher Than A Mountain High [SE7ENS DIGITAL]

El Brujo - Kranktanz [CANCELLED]

El Brujo - Love Me Alien [Techno Parade]

El Brujo - Satisfaction Feat Femi.X (Secret Inspector Mix) [NDI]

El Brujo - Blender [NDI PROMO]

El Brujo - I Hate You [NDI]

El Brujo - Deranged [Trench]

El Brujo - Dance Like A Movie Star [BANDCAMP]

ROFRAN PROJECT - Elastic Gravity Bounce [BANDCAMP]

El Brujo - Stranger Things Room [NDI]

Modern Talking - In 100 Years (El Brujo Mash Up) [NOT FOR SALE]

6047: (second hour).

Gregor Size - Observer (Original Mix) [Trench]

DJQ - Muted Resonator (Original Mix) [Trench]

The Rhythm-Fixxer - Alien Rave (Original Mix) [Trench]

Freqmind - Side (Original Mix) [Trench]

Tito K. - Dracul (Original Mix) [Trench]

Damaged Man - Avanscoperta (Original Mix) [Trench]

BinC - Nomad (Original Mix) [Trench]

MOT3K - Layer Cake (Original Mix) [Trench]

DJ D ReDD - Tuff (Original Mix) [Trench]

Kev Willis - Tunnel Trip (Original Mix) [Trench]

Listen Mixcloud here.

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