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Dalah publishes his playlist for episode 4.

French DJ and promoter Dalah performing at an event in Thailand, colour image.

Dalah has published his playlist for episode 4 of his show. Scientific Sound Asia is an online electronic music station for Asia and internationally.

Dalah is an International DJ and producer originally from France and is now based in Koh Phangan, Thailand. He moved to southeast Asia in 2019 and is now mostly known for performing and organising events, parties and festivals across Cambodia, Thailand, India, Vietnam & Europe.

Always pleased to collaborate and cocreate, he has shared the stage with internationally respected DJs such as Aaron Suiss, Kohra, Danny Faber, Jeff23, Giuseppe, Chris Rich and many more. His DJing style revolves around textures and psychedelic atmospheres of the ethnic side of House Music.

His sets often feature a variety of House Music from Deep to Progressive to Organic. Taking the crowd on a spiritual journey of dance and immersion in sound beyond just the physical.

He hopes to see you at events all over the region in the coming year and has recently joined our DJ agency for Asia. His new E.P Flight DD570 has been released on Tibetania Records and features in his show.

Listen LIVE on Sunday the 2nd of April 2023 from 8 PM to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT and repeat on Thursday from 8 AM to 10 AM (ICT).

Dalah episode 4, 2nd April 2023.

Serious Dancers - Gilgamesh

Serious Dancers - Medusa (Original Mix)

Tojogo - Tenaka (Original Mix)

Anton Ishutin - Departure (Hrag Mikkel Remix)

Tojogo - Indigo (Original Mix)

Kabi (AR) - Interstellar (Original Mix)

Wassu - Lissu (Original Mix)

Adari - Ohm Kali Feat. Clod (Original Mix)

Beslan - Portal 49 (Ka:lu Remix)

Adari - Shiva's Snake Ft.Clod (Original Mix)

Tojogo - Sojourn (Nicolas Prieto & Tomas Pablo Remix)

Return to Saturn - Sunset in Desert (Original Mix)

Ventt, Keparys - Vecher (Original Mix)

Marsh - All Night Long (Extended Mix)

Enigmatic & Rafa'EL - Dream Culture

Sebastian Leger - Forbidden Garden (Original Mix)

Mike Rish - The Quest (Kabi Remix)

The Sirius - Nordic Horn (Ivan Aliaga Remix)

Greenage - Sands of Goa (Original Mix)

Serious Dancers - Sanaa

Serious Dancers - Secret Menace

Kharmelo - Transmute (Original Mix)

Amonita - Wilwarin (Original Mix)

Sebastien Leger - Ariana (Original Mix)

CIOZ & Ryan Murgatroyd - Wachaka

DALAH - Kolkata [Camel VIP Records]

Holy Moly - Gamodi (Original Mix)

Laroz, Gidor, Badani - Gunie (Original Mix)

Sam Scheme, K Loveski - Katu-Yaryk

Shai T - The Song of Dolores

Nehli, Hena - Solstice (Original Mix)

Tim French - Song for Lynda (Kamilo Sanclemente X Andre Moret Remix)

Tamir Regev - Abe's Cinema

Kasper Koman - The Observer (Original Mix)

Wild Dark - Angels (Original Mix)

Cafe De Anatolia, Lupe - Bahia (Original Mix)

Ilias Katelanos - Belong (Original Mix)

VieL - Confession Amoureuse (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)

SIAAH, NIIXII - Era de Noche (Original Mix)

Distic - Faraon (Original Mix)

Krasa Rosa - Dusha Lux & Umbra (Inamo's Dub)

Michael Simon, Tibetania - Elysium

Paluma - Little Cove Quand Je Serai Seul (Original Mix)

Touzani, Serious Dancers - Beads of Rain Uletai (Original Mix)

LUNATIV, Tomyo - You Touch Me Feat. Tomyo (Original Mix)

DALAH - Flight DD570

Ismaehl - Tobala (Original Mix)

Eric Spin - Bedevi (Original Mix)

Hernan Martinez (AR) - ID

Oësha - Nebula (Original Mix)

ARTBAT - Horizon (Original Mix)

K Loveski. Kabi (AR) - Lost in Roses Kairo (Original Mix)

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