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circle. Publish Track List And Announce Guest Mix For Show On Scientfic Sound Asia.

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circle. have announced their guest mix and play list (first hour) for their forthcoming show this Monday 12th of August 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating on Wednesday 8 to 10 PM (ICT), Scientific Sound Asia Radio is the premier Underground Radio station for Ex Pats and locals in the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Thailand and the rest of South East Asia.

The play list for the first hour of this weeks show is listed below and features highlights coming from Tomin Tomovic [Zenebona], GIANS [Dynamica] and Dast & Dylan [Ambious Records], starting off with Jacob Seville [Depthtone]. circle., was founded by a well established International DJ Pete Bidwell, who over the years has had residencies at many different nightspots in Ibiza, he currently presents a weekly radio show published worldwide that has been on air for over 4 and a half years. Having a weekly rotation of well respected artists and guest mixes played on the show, circle. has now bypassed it’s 240th episode.

Guest Mix from Brent Lawson.

This weeks guest mix is Brent Lawson., recorded LIVE in Bristol at Blue Mountain Club for Der Liebe. Raised on a steady diet of 80s synth music, Brent has always had one foot on the dance floor.

A clubber first, it was a fateful trip to nearby Arbroath that first opened his mind to the possibilities of electronic music as a DJ: “I had a love for the electronic sounds created by Jean Michele Jarre from that point I was drawn into electronic music.” He says, citing the Rhumba Club a favourite venue from his youth, “This night has informed so many years of my clubbing history and is responsible for everything that I have done and will do.”

Now his kids are grown, Brent is free to refocus on his music and his company Probtech Management, bringing with him the skills of his day job. Comprised of two record labels and an DJ agency servicing 16 working artists, Probtech is a business on the up.

Recent additions to the team, Ingo Vogelmann (A&R) and Paul Sawyer (Business Development) show just how serious Brent takes his brand and processes are in place to put Probtech in the same ballpark as the Bedrock’s, Drumcode’s and Toolroom’s of the industry.

circle. 241 track-list (first hour)13th August 2019.

Justrice - Relic [Infinite Depth]

Michael Ritter - Tetuan (Original Mix) [Dynamica]

Eric Lune - Water Lily (Original Mix) [Strange Town Recordings]

O.R.B. - It's Just Music (Original Mix) [After Dark]

Kiz Pattison - Warehouse Feeling (Original Mix) [Dear Deer Dubs]

Decode Blue, Taktixx - In My Spine [ODN Records]

Paul Jove - Holy Illusion [Holy Grail Music]

Gabriel Nery - Hypnagogia (Original Mix) [ICONYC Noir]

Zagitar - Assemble [Truesounds Music]

Jay Shepheard - Diode [Gruuv]

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