Breed Intelligence publish playlists for 3rd show with &Them Records.

13 Nov

Breed Intelligence and guest &Them Records have published the tracklist for Saturday 14th November 2020 2 AM to 4 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Tuesday 2 PM to 4 PM. Scientific Sound is the underground Radio Station the Asian Region and Internationally with a global following.

Breed Intel real name Alexander McCann is a DJ and Producer hailing from London in the U.K and currently residing in Spain. His passion for electronic music is undeniable and he has firm groundings in the underground scene in London.  

He optimises the bassy, intelligent, dark and deep production styles in his releases and is venturing into the scene after a furlough. His motivation is purely  out of love for music and in his show he will be highlighting a variety of tracks he has been working on in the studio and which will be released in the coming months. 

Breed Intelligence (Breed Intel) is in essence a Record Label which is going through lots of changes in terms of branding as we speak. Alex is the DJ and Producer behind the label along with other DJs' and producers that work behind the scenes to build a new brand. 

Alex has been producing different genres spanning over 15 years, playing on the Underground Party Scene but still yet to make his mark on the Global scene as a recognized producer. Boundless passion for all music he cannot be defined by just on type of electronica.

Breed Intel are dedicated to giving exposure to new producers and artists from around the globe, this week they are playing some of their favorite Minimal Techno and Progressive House music from some of the industries finest producers. The aim of the show is to keep it current and fresh by bringing something new to each podcast. 

This week Breed Intel are featuring &Them Records of which are sure to make an impact on the music scene, they are working on their musical releases, so this podcast is an exclusive insight into the type of sound they are going to release in the  coming months. 

This weeks guest are &Them Records, &Them Records are based in Spain influenced by artists such as Pig & Dan and Boris Brejecha, they are born from a collaboration of 2 dance music enthusiasts that happened to cross paths one fateful night, the rest is history. 

Since then they have formed an alliance and are set to the task of working on their new releases which they hope promote in coming weeks. &Them Records want to keep their anonymity at this time and will be actively marketing their sound in the very near future, enjoy the show! 

Breed Intelligence 03 14th of November 2020.    

&Them! Records - Breeze

Alberto Ruiz - Sustained

Darlyn Vys - Weekend In Rome

Loco & Jam - Just Cant Stop

Paul Ursin  - Alley Right

Chus & Ceballos  - Soledad

Kellerkind ft. Sven - Shakti Pan

Nico Schwind - Fake Reality (Township Rebellion Remix)

Manoo & Raoul K  - Toukan

Fideles - Flying Dishes 

Matador ft. ARTBAT - Apollo 11

Arm In Arm ft. Moonwalk - Hunger For Your Vibe

Pig&Dan - Lost Another Angel

Agents Of Time - Dream Vision

Pig&Dan  -  Sandstorm

Rubini -  Zeus

Butch ft. C.Vogt - The Infamous 

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