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Bipolar Bear Announces Playlist For Badaboom With Co-host Dane.

Halographic image of DANE superimposed on Vietnamese workers advertisement, image in black and white.

Bipolar Bear has announced the playlist for 'BADABOOM' radio show with guest DANE this Monday the 27th of April 2020 8 to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Friday 8 to 10 AM. Scientific Sound Asia is the premier underground electronic music radio station for the Asian region, with a diverse following over Asia including China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Internationally.

Bipolar Bear, real name Stefan Paunescu is a Romanian DJ hailing from the small provincial city of Craiova in the south of the country. Growing up in such a small city had problems for the teenage Stefan and options for buying cutting edge music were scarce, especially being part of the former Eastern Bloc, which as with many former USSR countries drew its main musical influences from MTV.

Luckily with the birth and subsequent development of the internet, the teenage Bipolar Bear was able to quench his thirst for many different genres, and he watched as the digital revolution of music transpired. With a genuine passion for producing and playing good quality music, Romanian DJ and producer Bipolar Bear loves building eclectic sets that aim to take the audience on the musical journey he is conducting.

His aim is to always spread positive energy and his enthusiasm is hard to match. After leaving Romania on a forlore and carving his way in the rich Manchester music scene as a DJ and as a producer, his last project Odwana, a blend of electronic dance music infused with world sounds, African percussion and empowering vocals made waves on the UK festival scene, and his new journey materialised.

At the beginning of 2019, he relocated to Da Nang in Vietnam and has set up the party brand Badaboom together with fellow DJ G Nomad, aiming to ring the party scene in Central Vietnam to a new level. The Badaboom Radio Show is designed in the same spirit as their events, with the desire to share the joys of music with a community of like-minded humans. Expect a wide variety of sonic delights from funk, soul and rare groove to the more experimental sides of electronic music.

This weeks guest DJ is DANE (This Is.../Slowly - Hanoi) Following a run of creative parties such as This Is and Slowly, Dane is no stranger to contributing to the ever-growing Asian scene. Spinning an upward trajectory of Balearic Techno, Dane has been slowly carving out a name for himself.

Digging to get his mind off the daunting 9 to 5, DANE has steadily become the DJ he is today. Hanoi city's underground music scene has been his passion for the past 3 years and it shows with his 'no rules no boundaries' approach to mixing and throwing parties.

DANE has played alongside influential DJs such as Jauge, DJ normal 4, Prosumer, Local Suicide and Thomas Von Party. He has been a resident at Savage and Studio Adventure whilst promoting the locals to push the scene. His sets lead to rapturous applause from his peers and are constantly bringing in a stream of new fans and supporters.

BADABOOM 03 27th of April 2020.

Bipolar Bear (first hour).

Selvy - Pops

DJ Die; Dismantle - Spirit World (Original Mix)

Stevie Wonder - As (Lego DUB)

Valique - Feels so Good

Galaxians - How Do U Feel (Darshan Jesrani Morning Remix)

Al Wilson - Earthquake (Mannix Crystal Disko 2020 Mix)

Barry & Gibbs - Hanging at the Disco

Parissior, Jandro Sanchez - Don't Worry About It

Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra - Color Dialog (Mangabey Remix)

Moodena - Gil's Groove

Folamour - Ivoire feat. Kio Amachree (Austin Ato Remix)

Paul Older - Kuma Kuma (Original Mix)

Nenor; Natalie Wamba - Tike Ye Ya Kende

Knuckle G - Love Poet

David Penn Ft. Ramona Renea - Stand Up (Extended Mix)

Dj ClicK - Ciuleandra (Frohlocker Remix)

DANE (second hour).

Boo Williams - The Place Of Safety

Ksky - Taj Raya

Joss Moog - Ondulations

Ketiov - Rhythm1

Ayala - Journey (Musumeci Remix)

Lovebords - Path 2011

Sandboards - Holiday Illusion

Hugo - Massien - Twist & Turn

Dee Montero - Azure (Drum Mix)

Daniel T. & DJ Duckcomb - Azure (Drum Mix)

L’Impératrice, Red Axes - Matahari (Red Axes Remix)

Dombrance - Raffarin

Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie

Phil Anker - Baby

Listen On Mixcloud Here.


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