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Bicycle Corporations' Foundations 50 features DJ Jasmine Li.

Chinese DJ and producer Jasmine Li performing at Sight, Pacha, Barcelona, black and white image.

Bicycle Corporation has announced guest DJ Jasmine Li for their 'Foundations' episode 50. Scientific Sound Asia is an Asian electronic music station broadcasting for the region and internationally.

Bicycle Corporation is an Italian duo of the DJ and Producer Marco MEI plus the talented Stefano Ugliano with the moniker 6884. In the early nineties, Marco was starting on his musical journey as a DJ and producer at events at home.

Then he began doing his own events as a crew known as 'Urban People' across the whole of Italy. This earned him recognition and he earned a residency at Pacha, Egypt which in turn led to him getting DJ bookings internationally, and launched him on a musical journey around the globe.

Born and brought up in Torino, Italy, Stefano in his childhood displayed a wealth of abilities with music. He studied with passion classical piano, percussion, and drums, he loved his Chopins and West African Djembe.

However, that figure of the disc jockey rearing the crowd proved more and more enchanting for the teenage Stefano. He wondered if those very electronic beats, so hard to find on ‘90s Italian radio stations, were going to open a completely new chapter in his life, and then Bicycle Corporation evolved.

To date so far the duo has released just over 50 tracks and remixes ranging from Techno, Deep House, French House and Tech House. Even with all their success today, Marco and Stefan have not forgotten their humble beginnings.

Just recently they’ve been going back over some of their earlier tracks and even set a Bandcamp page to distribute them. Their Foundations show features DJs and producers from around Asia that are connected with the electronic music scene.

Chinese dJ and producer Jasmine Li performing at Pontoon Pulse, colour image.

Guest DJ Jasmine Li.

This week's guest DJ is Jasmine Li, Jasmine Li is a Guangzhou-born, Valencia, Spain-based DJ, producer and acoustic musician. She has been at the pinnacle of the electronic music scene in China for over 20 years spending 15 years in Shanghai.

Having started as a professional Chinese classical and operatic musician her roots in performing arts are undeniable. Her national status of the former gave her a headstart in her transition into electronic music.

Jasmine followed up on her newfound passion as the co-founder and charismatic proprietress of Shanghai’s infamous after-hours underground club Celia, bubbling with deep house and dark techno.

Combining this with her two earlier club businesses, Shiva Lounge and Downtown, she has undisputedly left an indelible mark on Shanghai’s music landscape forever. Routinely touring Asia and Europe, Jasmine has rocked iconic events like Elrow, Amsterdam Dance Event, A Summer Story, Great Wall Festival, and many more.

When she’s not DJ’ing or performing live, Jasmine can be found in her subterranean Shanghai studio producing music under her Silverlining project. This has incorporated the traditional Chinese sounds of the Pipa and Guzhen instruments into electronic music.

Jasmine Li has performed with many international DJs with nearly 20 years of international performance at her helm including Sasha, Darren Emerson, Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Armin Van Buuren, Adana Twins and many more. Her show this month features Melodic Techno and Organic House. Catch her on Scientific Sound radio at the following times.

Listen live on Friday 30th of September 2022 from 10 PM to 12 AM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeat Tuesday from 10 AM to 12 PM (ICT).

'Foundations' episode 50 with DJ Jasmine Li, 30th of September 2022.

Hot Oasis - El Mazena (Original Mix)

Juanma Sanchez - Skjaldmo (Original Mix)

Armen Miran - Heavenly Life (Original Mix)

Urban Flex - Over the River (Original Mix)

Daniel Navrotsky - Oas (Original Mix)

Zuma Dionys - Kultura (Original Mix)

Dmitry Molosh, Stas Drive, Tim Sali - Caravan (Original Mix)

Ramyen - Ginjo (Original Mix)

Raw Main - Koba (Original Mix)

Zuma Dionys - Ataro Son (Original Mix)

Jay Fase - Sama Yone Feat. Jim Mamadou (Original Mix)

Matthias Tanzmann - Chano (DJ CHUS Extended Remix)

Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi - Barakah (Original Mix)

Matan Caspi - Agadir (Original Mix)

Ian Ludvig, SevenJune - Last Nomads (Original Mix)

Cihangir Çınar - Sin Sentido (Original Mix)

Elfenberg - Jafar (Original Mix)

Hot Oasis - Mawawel (Original Mix)

Hot Oasis - Siwa (Diass Version)

No_mad - Talay Sai (Original Mix)

MI.LA - Teen (Chris Ojeda Remix)

Kasper Koman - Fruit (Original Mix)

Ghenwa Nemnom - Beyond Strings (Original Mix)

Heidrun - Ariam (Original Mix)

Shai T - Exodus (Elfenberg Remix)

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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