'Alternative Method' 03 hosted by Esher with guest Nomi uploaded to Mixcloud.

25 Oct

'Alternate Method' 03 hosted by Esher with guest DJ Nomi was originally aired on Sunday the 25th of October 2020, listen on the Mixcloud player below. Scientific Sound Asia is an underground radio station for Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and Asia.  

Esher, hials from the northern reaches of Melbourne, Australia. Esher has a rich history in music production and DJing, ranging from trance, techno to dubstep to DnB. He has been influenced by the likes of Mad Zach, Ivy Lab, Noisia and Imanu and uses this influences in his own distinct sound.

With multiple years of experience producing and spinning on the decks Esher conveys a unique experience combining vast atmosphere, gritty basslines and complex drum patterns he is setting his sights on his first label release in the coming year. Esher hopes a weekly show will enable him to explore his beatmatching skills and open himself to the wider world once his first release are out.  

Nomi - Scientific Sound Asia

Guest DJ Nomi (second hour).

This weeks guest DJ is Nomi, Nomi real name Imon Bhattacharya is a DJ hailing from Sydney, Australia now residing in Melbourne, Victoria. Nomi has been living in Melbourne for the past 3 years and began hitting up events as soon as he got there, learning where he could release his distinctive side. 

Passionate about the harder side of electronic music and anything that lets you go nuts on the dancefloor, he wanted others to experience this side of music. Inspired by the likes of Pendulum, Noisia and Delta Heavy, he's been DJ'ing at various events in Melbourne's Drum & Bass scene for the past year with the objective of making the punters rave harder, enjoy the show!

Alternative Method 03 25th October 2020.  

Esher (first hour).

Sistym - Indigo

Sustance - One Away 

Waeys - Acidic Love

Jestah and Creatures - Emulsifier

Visages Ft. Sustance - Acid Heart

Trail - White Goose

Wingz - Resistance

Alix Perez - Trinity

One87 and Brendren - Zombie Run

Enei - Ghost Boat

Invadhertz, Qua Rush  - Dam (fre4knc remix)

Skylark - Intervals

Imanu & Audio - Mirage

Exept - Omkara

Allied - Godspeed

Amoss - The Antidote

Exept - Pandora

Imanu - Serpent

Document One - Holy Moly

Sykarl, D.O.T - Synthetic Pursuit

Buunshin - Truama

Molecular - Space Journey

Subtension - Stay

Amoss, Fre4knc - Confront

Wingz - Two Faced

Invadhertz - Chainsaw

Hydro Ft. Villem - Ethos

Phaction Ft. Leo Wood - I Have You (Ill Truth Remix)

Noisia - Motion Blur

QZB - Break Neck Speed

Fre4knc - Testarudo

Spectrasoul - Beat Keeps

Ivadhertz - Computers Are Learning (Ill Truth Remix)

MVRK, Dub Personal - Error 01010107

Imanu - Come Forward

Serum, Kasra - Blaze Heat

Nomi: (second hour).

SHADES - Lurking

Alix Perez - BXL

Monty - Tribes

Proxima - Mate Machine

Whiney & Inja - Flashlight

Rockwell - Vent

T.I - Minimal Genercide

Enei - Iron Curtain (Fre4knc Remix)

IMANU & Buunshin - Nagow

Alix Perez & Monty - Cursive

Camo & Crooked - Loa

Nickbee - Running Through

Ivy Lab - Amber

Ivy Lab & Two Fingers - Orange

SHADES - Algor Mortis

Jimmy Pé - Hudson River

Danny Brown - Lie4 (SHADES Remix)

EPROM - 666 Acid

SHADES - Geryon

Tantrum Desire - Unleashed

MDNZ - Counter Culture

Shockone - Follow Me

Pythius & Black Sun Empire - Kepler

Nymfo - Stay With Me

Delta Heavy & MUZZ - Revenge (Kanine Remix)

Metrik - Universal Language

Friction & Kanine - Your Love

Distress Signal - Horizon

Dimension - Generator

Prolix - Beat Down

Pendulum - Driver (CUSTOME & Hailure Remix)

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