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6047 announces playlist for his next show Wednesday 7th of October.

USA DJ and producer 6047 in upper body shot placed onto a space background with Capricorn and Omega logos either side of him, colour background with black and white image.

6047 has released his playlist for his new show on our radio station. Scientific Sound Asia is the premier English-language underground electronic music station and DJ agency serving the Asian region.

6047 (read as 60:47), is a talented DJ and producer hailing from Los Angeles, California. Despite his Vietnamese origins, he boasts a profound affinity for the vibrant culture of California. His journey in the realm of electronic arts is nothing short of remarkable, marked by a diverse array of musical releases spanning across multiple genres, each bearing the hallmark of his unique style and creativity.

With an extensive discography, 60:47 has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene, collaborating with a plethora of labels to bring his innovative sound to audiences worldwide. His fusion of cultural influences and electronic beats is a testament to his boundless artistic vision and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Maintaining a humble and light-hearted outlook on himself, 60:47 prefers to allow his tracks and remixes to speak volumes about his musical odyssey. Throughout his 20-year career, he has gifted the world with an impressive repertoire, boasting well over 800 tracks and remixes released across an eclectic array of formats and labels.

Each composition serves as a chapter in his ever-evolving narrative, reflecting his boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to his craft. With each new release, 60:47 continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and unrelenting passion for electronic music.

60:47's exceptional production skills have not only garnered him a formidable reputation but have also secured him coveted guest slots on international stations across the globe. His work has received substantial recognition, a testament to his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to his craft.

With a meticulous focus on intricate details and a performance style centred around Progressive, breaks, and seamless beat matching, he stands out as a formidable presence behind the DJ booth. His ability to effortlessly blend genres and captivate audiences with his dynamic sets further cements his status as a leading figure in the electronic music scene.

Currently, 60:47 is actively involved in numerous collaborative projects with fellow artists from Scientific Sound Asia, further expanding his reach and influence within the electronic music community. His collaborative efforts can be heard resonating across radio stations and podcasts worldwide, showcasing his versatility and innovative approach to music production.

In his upcoming radio show, he will showcase classics from his Techno collection sourced from the labels EXP Records and Nervous Affliction. The show initially aired on Wednesday the 7th of October. You can listen to the Mixcloud player below.

6047 Podcast 17

Benvol - Homeless Animals (Inedit) [EXPR]

Corridor - For Love Not Monday (Original Mix) [EXPR]

Nx Structure - Closed (Original Mix) [EXPR]

Rita Urania - Contacto Estriado (Inedit) [EXPR] 

Wlack - Irreversible (Inedit) [EXPR] 

OHOI - Ascent (Original Mix) [EXPR] 

Zigler - Eclipse (Inedit) [EXPR] 

Florazul - Ojos De Sal (Inedit) [EXPR] 

Esilum - Tungsten (Original Mix) [EXPR] 

Agudog - Undone (Inedit) [EXPR] 

Ulnar Dimelia - Isolation Dance (Inedit) [EXPR] 

Alter-Mind - Coaxial (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

Chlar - Atrophy (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

Shkedul - Incorretto (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

dyLAB - She Gets Her Kicks In Stepney (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

CTSD - Fixation (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

yA - An Eye For An Eye (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

SFBM - Chromatic Aberration (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

Ket Robinson - Dirty Morph (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

RJE - Risk (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

Metapattern - Sudden Silence (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

Metapattern - Aspekt (Original Mix) [Nervous Affliction]

Simon Mann - Marginal Diversion (Original Mix) (Bonus Track) [Nervous Affliction]

Listen on Mixcloud here.


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