6047 announces playlist for his new show 15th of July 2020.

15 Jul

6047 has published his playlist for his new show for our radio station Wednesday the 15th of July 2020 8 PM to 10 PM Indochina Time (ICT) and repeating Sunday  8 AM to 10 AM (ICT). Scientific Sound Asia is the English language underground radio station for the Asian region.

California native 6047 (read as 60:47) is a Los Angeles based multi styled electronic DJ & producer whose musical diversity is reflected in his mixes & productions, to date he has well over 800 releases across a variety of genres and labels.

Attention to detail is what is always present in his work, rather than boring people with long-winded bios written in 3rd person about his musical accomplishments he prefers to let the music do all the talking, his musical style revolves around Progressive, technical break/beat matching. His mixes have been featured on the best podcasts & radio stations worldwide, and we look forward to his new mix which features tracks from Composure Records UK and Hope Recordings that have made an influence on him.

6047 Podcast 08  15th July 2020.

Shiloh - Cafe Del Mariachi (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

Grafiti - Spooky Trains (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

Benz & MD - Wonder (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

Kenneth Thomas - The Orange Room (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

Trisco - Southpaw (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

DAT Soundsystem - This Ain't No Disco (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

Oliver Moldan & Isma Ae - 5-5-0 (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

Tannen - Blackout (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]

StereoK - Drop (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

StereoK - Shape Me (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

Roman Frolikoff - 63 Model Subjects (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

Mauricio Duarte - Midway (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

Miltos T & Aris Kazak - Violence (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

Faskil & Chrisman - Lava Bow (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

Faskil - Clear Mayhem (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

Andrew Kelly - She Thinks She's Underground (Original Mix) [Composure Records UK]

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